"NZ Low Cash Cowboy"

Yes, a boy named Sue!

Sue is a purebred 5 year old Border Collie. Sue loves to herd Sheep, Ducks, Cattle and other dogs! Sue  has earned an Open Title for A.S.C.A (Australian Shepard Club of America) in Sheep and a Started Title in both Cows and Ducks.
Sue is the main NZ herd dog who loves to help out moving the sheep around the property. Sue is very playful and loves getting wet in the water trough, or just soaked by the hose!
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"NZ One Chance Fancy"

Fancy is a 2 year old, pure breed Border Collie. Fancy has been on the Ranch for 1 year and has progressed very fast. Fancy is already a go to dog to help bring sheep in for the lessons and just LOVES to do big outruns in the field! Fancy has taken a "fancy" to chasing balls and has become quite a retriever! Fancy is the perfect dog for any work and is a great mid-drive dog.