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Eastern Oregon Lambing!

Lambs, Lambs, Lambs! Our lambing season was great this year! We have sized down our herd and have some great mothers!! This year we only had two sets of twins. The Southdown Babydoll's are not known to twin very often, however with some research and biology we have found if we feed hire quality hay/orchard grass during breeding season and during the month of lambing (to help the mom's) our twins vs single lamb ration is higher! Our lambs are healthy and look great, and so do the Ewes!!

We have been Lucky that the weather is so great over here in Eastern Oregon. On the west side of the state it is rainy and we contend with mud and wet ground. Gabe and I pushed back our breeding so we were lambing in warmer months and by moving to a dryer climate we have seen our ewe's maintain wight and have less issues during lambing season ie: no lambs in the mud and cold!


Hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of what we do for our animals here on NZ Ranch!

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