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Services we Provide

Gabe has trained with many breeds (we can't name them all!) and will work with your dog to help further the herding experience!

New to Herding?

If your brand new and just want to try herding with your dog, we would love to get you started!!


We provide lessons with Gabe and Paty in a controlled environment to ensure your dog gets the most out of every lesson!

Expierienced Herder?

Do you want to see about herding with our sheep? We can help. Gabe will be present, even if your working your dog. (For our sheep's safety!)

Want to start Trialing?

We can take your dog from Started to Advanced! 

Please ask any questions you have or let us know if you would like to work on anything else! 

 -All dogs first lesson is in our "round arena" with either Gabe or Paty. After we assess your dogs drive and abilities, we will decide on a training plan for you and your dog!-