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Eastern Oregon Lambing!

Lambs, Lambs, Lambs! Our lambing season was great this year! We have sized down our herd and have some great mothers!! This year we only had two sets of twins. The Southdown Babydoll's are not known to twin very often, however with some research and biology we have found if we feed hire quality hay/orchard


Yay for Spring! We are excited for many reasons. First is we will maybe have some great weather for herding and second.....LAMBS!  Yes, they are even more cute since our lambs are Southdown Babydoll. Just look at this CUTE face!!

The cold weather hasn’t slowed us down!

The cold weather and rain hasn’t slowed us down! Be sure to wear your cold weather gear!! We also have lights in our arena so we can herd when the sun goes down! Your dog can work longer in cold weather too!

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Even if it is raining and muddy, we will still be herding!! Make sure to bring rain gear, umbrella’s and towels! Our arena has pretty good footing that shouldn’t get too muddy, however your dog could get wet and muddy anyway!  And if you are out with the sheep while your dog herds, our sheep

Our business was featured in the local Tri-County Tribune!

We were contacted by the local "Tribune News" the other day about our business! A very nice lady came and interviewed Gabe and Me about our business. I think she did an amazing job and we had a lot of fun showing off Sue and our Old English Southdown Babydoll sheep!!