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First Visit and Questions

First Time Visiter?

Don't worry, here are some answers to commonly ask questions!

Double check What to Bring  before you leave the house so you are prepared for the weather.


Rules for the Property!

Follow the tab above and fill out the "Herd Dog Release of Liability"

Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your lesson.


  • DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES - except when in the arena herding.
  • Children are welcome to come out with you but must be accompanied by an adult who will insure the child is safe and not disruptive to the lesson or our livestock.
  • Please KEEP Dogs and People AWAY from all other livestock on the property- the horses are not friendly and the chickens need their rest.

How Long is a Lesson?

What if my dog hasn't been Herding before or has been told by trainers they have no instinct?

  • Typically, your lesson will be around an hour with Gabe or Paty working your dog on the stock for two sessions  with a break in between to rest the dog - herding is hard work for a dog brain so some dogs may not do the full amount of time on stock. During the break, Gabe or Paty can answer questions you may have about herding in general and your dog in particular.
  • The more your dog herds, the longer your dog will herd the sheep. Gabe and Paty will  stop when your dog is starting to get tired so that your dog "quits while he is ahead" and doesn't start a bad habit. If it is hot , dogs tend to work shorter sessions.
  • If you have been to other trainers who didn't think your dog had instinct...don't worry! We have some tricks and very rarely has a dog never "turned on". If you are unsure, remember it doesn't hurt to try!

What if my dog has bad habits and/or need help with obedience, or chases everything from chickens to cats?

  • We can help with recall and obedience commands to make your dog a pleasure to be around for not just you, but others who might come in contact with your dog to include other animals and livestock!
  • Sometimes dogs who have been corrected for chasing the cat or harassing the mailman are slow to turn on, in which case Gabe will have a few tricks he can try to let your dog know what herding is about.

What if I have an experienced dog who has trialed or works my own stock?

  • If you are interested in Trialing or working your experienced dog on our stock we can facilitate! We require Gabe to be present while working our stock (in case of injury to stock).
  • We do not use "long lines" or "shock collars" to train with. Feel free to email or call and ask about how we train and what tools we use! If you want to first come and watch how we train just ask!

Nervous about working your dog or don't have a dog, but want to try your hand at herding?

Don't worry, you are not alone! We all have to start somewhere! We have several dogs that we can let you learn with, also we can help you work up to herding with your own dog! Just ask us and we will try and help!