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About Us!

Our Approach

Our Philosophy!

NZ Ewe-Topia Ranch LLC is a herding training facility welcoming all agesand all breeds of dogs (and their people) to learn about the benefits and fun of teaching your dog to move stock in an orderly manner.
Herding is controlled prey drive and because ALL dogs have prey drive, we 
welcome all different dogs-herding breeds, non-herding breeds, mixed breeds and all ages too. Our goal is to have your dog be an enjoyable member of society and to improve the relationship between canines and humans while learning the art of herding!

Our Story

Our Name

The NZ is an actual ranch brand that started in Nebraska in 1873. It was given to Gabe by his Great Uncle Ace who has had the brand since the 50's when he was given the brand by his father. Gabe registered the brand in his own name in 2006.

Ewe-Topia Ranch is a nod to the place where Gabe started his herd dog training in 2010 -- Ewe-topia Herd Dog Training located in Roy WA. Gabe learned a lot from owners Joe Kapelos & Linda Leeman, who have been training dogs and people for over 40 years themselves.

Our Ranch has been growing every year and we are proud to offer not only all breed herd dog training but we also have a flock of Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep that we are breeding and we have added several hives of Honey Bee's!