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Passing down Experience to the next Generation

More than 25 years ago, thanks to the god of dogs, two of the most beautiful, decided to start a dog training business. Not just any dog training, but herd dog training and they named it Ewe Topia Herd Dog Training. They catered to any breed of dog that came out to the farm, located in Roy, Washington. People flocked to the farm from all over the country to learn from Joe and Linda. Their training ranged from a puppy just seeing sheep, advanced trial herding, and even helped out as a “last chance” for at risk dogs. These people took many people under their wing and opened their eyes to exactly what a dog was breed to do. One of those people was named Gabe. Gabe was in the ARMY, just a country kid, far from home, trying to find a place to relax and attempt to find somewhere that might just remind him of what it was he left behind. Gabe wondered on to the farm and it was the start of a future, not even Gabe new he wanted. Gabe gained a family, so many miles from home, and became an asset to the business.

Time went by and before Gabe knew it, he was getting out of the ARMY and had met his soon to be wife, Paty. Gabe and Paty decided to try their hand at owning their own herding business. Joe and Linda were excited for their knowledge to be put to use by a fellow shepherd. Joe and Linda sent Gabe and Paty four Ram’s to help start their sheep herd, They gave tips and tricks to business, always lending an ear or advice for the fledgling entrepreneur’s. They even bestowed upon them the most amazing honor, they decided to let Gabe and Paty use their business name. And so NZ Ewe-Topia Ranch was born.

On the Ranch, we continue the legacy that passed to us. Constantly giving people the tools for their own tool box, providing a safe and healthy environment for people to come and learn the art that is herding. Joe and Linda’s legacy will live on, and we will continue to pass the knowledge to the next generation, just as Joe and Linda passed it to us.